FAQ’s & Program Terms

What is Secret Genius 360?
The Secret Genius 360 is a program offered by Spotify’s Secret Genius team. Unpublished songwriters and producers can fill out an application and submit a song to participate in this program.

What opportunities are offered within the Program?

  • Pitching a finished demo to labels and artists who may be interested in recording it.
  • Professional-level critique of a song. This could be advice on the parts of the song that may be weak or strong such as hooks, melody or production.
  • Send an instrumental track from a producer to a songwriter to create lyrics and melody.  We will work to find a songwriter that will not charge a fee to finish the song in hopes of creating a finished demo to pitch to an artist. The publishing split percentages will be negotiated between collaborators on the song without the Secret Genius Team’s involvement.
  • Send a songwriter’s acoustic demo to be produced by potential collaborators that are interested in building out the track. We will work to find a producer that will not charge a fee to finish the song in hopes of creating a finished demo to pitch to an artist. The publishing split percentages will be negotiated between collaborators on the song without the Secret Genius Team’s involvement.
  • Setting up collaborations and co-writing sessions with professional songwriters and producers.

How do I apply to participate in the program?
Fill out the application and attach an mp3 of what you feel is your strongest song. If your application is selected, you will be contacted by a member of our team via email. If you don’t receive an email within 45 days, your song has not been selected into the program. We do not provide feedback on songs not selected.

Does this service cost money?
No, the Secret Genius 360 team is here to help songwriters and producers develop their careers and does not take a fee or percentage of the money generated by the pitched song.

Will I still have complete ownership of my song if it is selected?
Yes. Spotify will not seek to own any part of the song or the work. You retain all your existing rights to any of the songs pitched through Secret Genius 360.

Where will my songs be pitched?
The Secret Genius team has a wide network in the music industry, including major and independent record labels, publishers, and management companies. If approved by the Secret Genius Team, we will use this network to execute the part of the program selected in your application, whether it be pitching a song to an artist or connecting you to a songwriter or producer.

How many songs can I submit?
Please submit ONE song only: there is a song per songwriter/producer limit. This should be whatever you believe to be your strongest creation and a song you truly believe can be cut by a recording artist.

What happens if there is more than one writer on my song?
We will be pitching or setting up collaborations on behalf of your copyright ownership of the song. The other songwriters and producers on the song can continue pitching on their own as well. The publishing split percentages will be negotiated between collaborators on the song without the Secret Genius Team’s involvement. The Secret Genius team recommends that you have consent from co-writers before submitting a song into the Secret Genius 360 program.

Is there a preferred genre?
Absolutely not. We work across all genres as a company, and there’s always a home for great music in general!

Are rough demos OK to submit to Secret Genius 360?
Don’t be shy to send in a demo that doesn’t sound polished and professional. We are looking for great songwriting and production. This could be as simple as piano chords and a vocal idea.

Can I retract a song after I submit it?
Once submitted, a song can’t be retracted. However, if the song is selected by the Secret Genius team as suitable for the Program, you can let the Secret Genius representative know that you would like to retract your song from the Program.

How long does it take to be accepted?
If a song is accepted, you will hear from a representative within 30 days from the time you submitted.

How long will you pitch a song?
We will work to pitch your song for 90 days from the date yourapplication is selected.

How can I be sure my song won’t get leaked?
We cannot guarantee your song won’t be leaked once it is in a third party’s hands. However, this is extremely rare, and our team only works with trusted industry professionals.

Do you pitch to playlists?
Secret Genius 360 is dedicated to helping songwriters and producers pitch their demos to artists. We don’t pitch songs to Spotify’s playlist editors.

Can I submit an instrumental track I produced that I would like to have a song written to?
Absolutely. We are looking to help progress great music, be it full songs, top lines, or incredible instrumental tracks in need of songwriters.


  • As this is a creative process, no guarantees are made by the Secret Genius team with regard to results.
  • Spotify does not guarantee any preferential treatment of applicants or songs submitted to the Program or the Secret Genius team in terms of playlists or any other promotional activities, on or off the Spotify Service.
  • Once you’re application is submitted you will be sent to a landing page to confirm receipt of your application. If selected, you will receive an email from the Secret Genius team to the email address provided in your application.. If you don’t receive a confirmation by email within 45 days, your song has not been selected.
  • Spotify reserves the right to cease working a particular song at any time, for any reason.
  • If there is more than one writer on a song, it is the responsibility of the person who applied to the Program to inform the other writers of any actions that the Secret Genius team undertakes.
  • The applicant guarantees that the submitted song does not contain any uncleared samples. (Any replayed samples must be disclosed to Secret Genius team and cleared with the original copyright holder.)
  • The applicant must not be in a currently active co-publishing deal. A publishing administration deal is OK.
  • Action on the Secret Genius team’s critique and advice is not mandatory and any alterations to their original work are at the writer or producer’s discretion. However, applicants agree to work in good faith with the team.
  • Secret Genius does not provide or pay for studio time.
  • We will only use your songs for the purposes of delivering this program – and will obtain your prior consent before making any other use of the materials you submit.